Harry Potter Melt Collection

Harry Potter Melt Collection

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You receive 4 melts in each fragrance!

A delicious blend of cream soda and butterscotch, and fit for any wizard! 

Dark arts
This scent is a magical blend of spices bergamot, and florals with a trace of earthy patchouli.

Tea with Hagrid
blending Earl Grey tea leaves,lavender and fresh citrus.

Diagon ally
With a fragrance of aromatic incense, bergamot & smoked pine, the Diagon ally candle is sure to bring out your wicked side.

Forbidden forest
Mysterious and out of bounds to students, the Forbidden Forest that surrounds the castle smells like ancient woods, oak moss, and climbing ivy.

Dumbledore's office
smells of fireplace, Cedar wood, and Albus Dumbledore's favorite candy, Lemon Drops.